Renew Your Marriage 

Husband & Wife Oneness of Marriage Retreat

Our all-inclusive Husband & Wife Oneness of Marriage retreat at Legacy Farm is designed so that you and your spouse will find rest for your bodies, peace of mind, and rejuvenation for your souls. Each day you and your spouse will draw closer together in a beautiful setting that offers the chance to reconnect spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
2-Day Retreat
Saturday, October 12 & Sunday, October 13
Saturday - 8:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday - 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Includes: Off-site lodging, all meals, activities, & full curriculum.
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What Will I Learn?

The Purpose of This Retreat is to Help Couples Embrace God’s Design for Marital Oneness

The curriculum The Oneness of Marriage, created by Dr.  David & Terri Sumlin, is designed to help couples embrace God’s design for marriage in a way that gives them practical tools to disarm the threats to marital oneness and reclaim surrendered oneness. It is broken down into 5 sessions and this unique approach to marital enrichment is built upon some of the advances found in neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and adventure-based therapy, which ultimately is tested through the lens of God’s word for validation.

Overview of the Retreat

Saturday, October 12 Itinerary
Welcome & Introductions
Session 1Discovering God’s Design for Marital Oneness
Break & Snacks
Session 2Disarming the Threats to Marital Oneness (Part 1)
Box Lunch & Couple Solo Time
Session 2Disarming the Threats to Marital Oneness (Part 2)
Couple Solo & Free Time (Explore The Farm)
Session 3Unlocking the Intimacy of Oneness
Romantic Two-Top Dinner
Sunday, October 13 Itinerary
Session 4Reclaiming Surrendered Oneness
Q&A Panel with the Sumlins
Close & Adjourn

The Oneness of Marriage

Session Descriptions

Discovering God’s Design for Oneness
In His response to the Pharisees (Mark 10), Jesus reveals the essence of God’s design for marital oneness in that it is exclusive, intimate, permanent, safe and holy. This serves as a theology of marriage for couples to understand and embrace.
Protecting the Like Factor of Oneness
Protecting, growing, and supporting your marital friendship is a crucial part of the marital union. It is what drives the “like factor” between husbands and wives. This session helps couples to nurture the emotional intimacy and friendship of their relationship.
Disarming the Threats to Oneness
Using some of the best empirical research in the field of marriage and family, we will bring awareness to the threats that can possibly destroy the oneness in your marriage. We will also explore some of the ways to disarm these threats according to the evidenced-based data that contributes to higher levels of marital quality and satisfaction.
Unlocking the Intimacy of Oneness
Using the Song of Solomon as the backdrop, this session explores the fine arts of kissing, talking, and non-sexual touching. Couples will learn more effective and creative ways to initiate romantic date nights and unlock the sensual intimacy in their marriage.
Reclaiming Surrendered Oneness
One of the interesting observations about life is that hurting people tend to hurt people. The offenses caused by others can often render the offended helpless and hopeless to do anything about it. In this session, couples will learn the importance of identifying past hurts and the practice of extending forgiveness.
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Renew Your Marriage at Legacy Farm. Embark on a journey for you and your spouse where you will find rest for your bodies, peace of mind, and rejuvenation for your souls.
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